2 Ways to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

Get the best 2 Ways to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

Keeping an eye on somebody like your toddler or perhaps your grandparents is a truly big requisite. Odds are you could have been considering the budget for something to happen. Fret no longer folks! We’re here to help you out by telling you few cost-effective strategies to spy on somebody.

All you need is an old telephone. If there’s an old phone lying in your drawer for many days, it’s high time to make the best use of it and do this task. We will here explain you easy strategies to reverse old phone into spy camera. So, without requiring much time, let’s start to learn how to produce spy camera from cell phone.

Get the best 2 Ways to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

Get the best 2 Ways to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera (with Tutorial)

– Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera
– Part 2. What Can a Spy Camera be Used for?
– Recommendation: Software to Spy on Someone’s Phone

Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera

Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera

Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera

1. Alfred

The very first way that you are able to elect for turning your mobile into spy camera would be through the help of this Alfred program. Utilizing Alfred is quite easy cause after you set up and activate this program on your smartphone which you want to turn into a spy camera. You can start monitoring easily using any smartphone or Windows or Mac computer, as unlike any other spy camera app, Alfred has its own browser interface which is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome browsers.
Here’s how to make a spy camera out of mobile phone

First, register your email on the Alfred’s platform to acquire an account on it. Now, install the Alfred app on the mobile phone which you wish to turn into a spy camera. Next, sign into Alfred account within the app and select the’Camera’ button to begin monitoring. Then, position the device at a location that you have to monitor.
Lastly, head to a PC or any other smartphone and sign into the same Alfred account but now you need to decide on the’Viewer’ button to begin monitoring.

2. IP Webcam

Next method to turn your old phone into spy camera is through the support of IP Webcam. IP Webcam provides you a few special characteristics that let you track the video feed or even capture the photos of this target area from your old phone. Moreover, you can connect your own Android spy camera along with your own Skype of VLC player also to see the live stream.
Let us now find out how to make spy camera from cell phone through IP Webcam

– Start by downloading and installing the IP Webcam program on the device that you want to turn in secret spy camera. It is going to then display you the live streaming link of the recorded video. Now, position the device into a desirable place.
– Next, catch your PC or a different smartphone and launch the web browser on it. Punch from the URL connection (shown to you in the previous step) in the address bar and hit’Enter’.

Part 2. What Can a Spy Camera be Used for

After making you conscious about turning an old phone into spy camera, this segment will let you understand what situations that mainly require a spy camera. The invention of spy cameras were created to make you capable of remotely getting all of the important and desired information happening someplace. In simple text, utilizing a spy camera might help in catching a glimpse of various activities happening at other areas.

– The use of a spy camera has always proved useful for security and protection purposes. Be it your home or office, these spy cameras are of fantastic assistance to track activities when you are not at either of the place. For instance, you can readily observe what is going on in your house when you’re at your friend’s place advertisement any mysterious action can be averted when you are always there to monitor.
– Second, the ideal use of a spy camera can be implemented when you need to expose somebody. Can it be a political issue or you would like to expose your deceptive friend/relative/partner or perhaps you want to catch a criminal or disloyal worker siphoned, a spy camera will disclose their true colors with no knowledge that you’re doing such action.
– it is also possible to utilize a spy camera when you’ve got a babysitter for your child and you want to keep under surveillance the way that teenager treats your little one. You may not know that people call spy cameras as nanny cameras sometimes and the parents show keen interest in having a possession of one. Obviously, the parents are always concerned about their own kids and spy camera is a means to eliminate such worries. Also, if you have new born infant and it’s relaxing in other area, you can make use of spy cameras to monitor it and keeping any attention thereby taking action when your baby is in distress.

Recommendation: Software to Spy on Someone’s Phone

You have mastered how to create spy camera from cell phone and what is it used for. Today we’d love to share with you another method of spying on someone. In the event you’re in need of monitoring someone’s telephone (not for incorrect means), such as when you are feeling cheated by your spouse or have doubt on your child, we’ve got something for you. It’s possible to utilize MFTracker that is the safest way to track or spy on somebody’s apparatus and that too liberally and without allowing the person know. The application includes a free trial and is quite simple to use. Here are some features of the tool.

Main Features of MFTracker:

– This program can help you spot various contents in somebody’s device like messages, call records, photos, videos, societal media messages, etc..
– It can track the real-time location of their target telephone.
– It can help you browse the messages Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Wechat on the tracked phone covertly.
– You don’t have any need to specially root or jailbreak your device before starting to utilize this instrument.
– MFTracker can work with both operating systems i.e. iOS and Android devices readily.


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