How to View iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

6 Ways on How to View iPhone Call History

In this present age, technology makes our life easier and more convenient than ever before. Virtually every person has a smartphone in their hand (especially teenagers) for various purposes. For parents, it’s vital to know about their kid’s activities. Should you suspect your kid is communication on a telephone call from a very long time then, you want to understand who is on the telephone call. As the technology is growing, the danger of harmful threats is also rising. You may view her telephone history and find the suspicious number. If you don’t know how to see iPhone call history then, here, then you will find best solutions for this problem. Here, we’ll provide you step by step guide about the best way to view iPhone call history on iPhone, iPad, Mac, as well as on the computer.

6 Ways on How to View iPhone Call History

6 Ways on How to View iPhone Call History

– Part 1. How to View iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer
– Part 2. How to View Deleted Call History on iPhone

Part 1. How to View iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

Part 1. How to View iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

Part 1. How to View iPhone Call History on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Computer

– Method 1. View iPhone Call History Directly
– Method 2. View iPhone Call History on iPad
– Method 3. View iPhone Call History on Mac
– Method 4. View iPhone Call History on Windows Computer
– Method 5. The Best All-in-one Way to View Your Own or Other Person’s iPhone Call History [Recommended]

Method 1. How to View Call History on iPhone Directly?

Accessing call history of iPhone device is not a rocket science. The process to view call history on iPhone directly is quite simple, you just have to stick to the specified below step by step guide.

Step 1: First of all, you need to unlock the iPhone to ensure your iPhone is about the Homescreen. When it not on the home screen afterward, press the Home button.

Step 2: On the bottom dock, you will find Phone app logo, tap on it to open the Phone program.

Step 3: Telephone program interface will appear, tap on the”Recent” tab which is put in the bottom of the display.

Step 4: You can view call history what include every single missed call, incoming call, and outgoing call that were produced on the iPhone device.

Step 5: Proceed through the telephone logs and tap the”I” icon to see more information about chosen call log.

Step 6: You may find more info relating to this telephone log.

Method 2. How to Get iPhone Call History on iPad?

If you’re using iPad and wish to understand how to view iPhone call history on iPad then, you can follow the below guide.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open Preferences by tapping on”Settings” icon.

Step 2: Now, scroll down and select FaceTime in the list.

Step 3: Under the FaceTime, empower the click of Calls from iPhone to see call history of iPhone device.

Note: Make certain, both iPhone and iPad are connected with same Apple ID.

Method 3. How to View iPhone Call History on Mac?

Step 1: On Mac apparatus, you have to open Mac App Drawer and find FaceTime program and click on it to start.

Step 2: FaceTime application interface will appear, you have to open preferences by simply clicking onto it.

Step 3: Preferences dialog box may appear, you have to click on the”Settings” tab.

Step 4: Under the settings tab, then you need to tick on the”Permit from iPhone” to see call history from iPhone apparatus.

Method 4. How to Check iPhone Call History on the Windows Computer?

Normally, it is not possible to view call history on the pc with no third party cellular utility software. There are various mobile phone utility tools for example iSkysoft Toolbox, AnyTrans, dr.fone, along with others. You can use these tools to see iPhone telephone history on the pc.

Step 1: First of all, you must download and install such tool in your computer.

Step 2: After installation, start the app and connect with the iPhone device to the computer.

Step 3: When the apparatus successfully connected, you’ll find dashboard will all of your personal information.

Step 4: Click on the”Call History” to view call history that’s saved on the iPhone device.

Method 5. The Best All-in-one Way to View iPhone Call History

FoneTracker is an all-in-one tool that permits the user to easily view target iPhone apparatus call history on the any other apparatus in few simple steps. Basically, FoneTracker is a monitoring tool created for Android and iOS devices. This is a powerful tool that’s mostly designed to monitor the target device including access call history, messages, location tracking, internet tracking, and a whole lot more. If you would like to view iPhone call history then, FoneTracker will assist you in obtaining the target iPhone call logs with no understanding. The process of tracking is totally remote based.

Why Pick This iPhone Call Background Hacker:

– The process of tracking with FoneTracker is easier and convenient due to its simple to use purposes.
– It will take only one-time installation and configuration on the target device. In the event of Android apparatus, install FoneTracker apk document, otherwise, you need to enter iCloud ID and password of goal iOS device.
– Accessing call logs of goal iOS or Android apparatus is potential with FoneTracker, you just have to start FoneTracker online dashboard to access the telephone logs of the target device.
– If your children or spouse is telling you about their whereabouts, you can try FoneTracker to know where he/she is. There is no need to enable the GPS on the target device to locate the device.

Easy Steps to View iPhone Phone History Anywhere and Anytime

Step 1. Register A FoneTracker Account

Primarily, start the official site of FoneTracker and go to the produce FoneTracker account page by clicking on the”Sign Up”.

Step 2. Select iOS System

After that, you need to enter Mail ID, Password, Teenager name, age, and working system. Since we want to view iPhone telephone history so, we’re choosing iOS functioning system.

Step 3. Confirm iCloud ID

You will direct to the iCloud login page. Here, you need to input iCloud ID and password. Once the legitimate iCloud login credential entered, click the”Verify” button to check validation and start tracking the target iOS device.

Step 4. Assess Your Own or Other Individual’s iPhone Call History

When the above process finished, go to the Sign in a page of FoneTracker and enter FoneTracker account details which you’ve made in step 1.

Online FoneTracker dashboard will appear, click on the telephone logs at the left sidebar of the display to see iPhone telephone history on any device.

Some users utilize Boost or Verizon network carrier, if you’re among these and you only wish to look at and assess your call history, you can immediately login your account to receive your iPhone call history.

Download FoneTracker App at:

Part 2. How to View Deleted Call History on iPhone

Viewing deleted call background on iPhone is possible with iCloud. Apple’s iPhone allows you to backup your phone history to iCloud as soon as the iCloud backup and sync option is enabled in your PC. If you want to find the deleted call background on your iPhone, then you are able to restore the iCloud backup on your iPhone.

Easy Steps to View Deleted Phone History on iPhone

Step 1: First of all, you have to open iPhone’s Preferences by tapping on its icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the”General” and hit “Reset” button.

Step 3: Now, tap the”Erase all settings and contents”.

Step 4: Your device will reboot and you will direct to set up the device interface.

Step 5: On Apps & Data interface, tap the”Restore from iCloud Backup” and enter iCloud ID and password.

Step 6: After that, hit the”Next” button to begin to restore procedure.

Step 7: Once it is completed, visit the Phone app to see call history that has been deleted.


For parents and business owners, so it is required to make sure their children and employees are not communicating with the wrong person. A company employer needs to make sure that their workers aren’t sharing business secrets with another party. You are able to see iPhone call history to get the ideal approach to keep an eye on these. If you find this article useful then, don’t forget to talk about it with others.